Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Since the killing of OSAMA BIN LADEN, a new 'AMERICA'S MOST WANTED' has emerged and right now he is in asylum/exile/etc in the former SOVIET UNION or RUSSIA, where he is being pursued as best as authorities in the rest of the world can do.

I shall not dwell or comment on  EDWARD SNOWDEN, who has been the object of a world-wide manhunt and whose media releases turned the NSA and  'THE TOTAL SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY' and GOVERNMENTS  upside down as well as various corporate and military interests and the like.

Apparently, the information that was leaked by him was given to a group of journalists from various publications and media in the form of computers, some of which were destroyed or were not essential or were kept by him or whatever, as it is all not yet sorted out or made clear, that is, to everyone's
satisfaction and may never be.

Right now there is a lot of 'interest' in his early childhood, education, career choices, friends, and family and it must be a most intense scrutiny going on by both journalists and government agencies of all kinds.

He appears from his early youth to be a 'libertarian' and a 'conservative' and 'republican' who becamse somewhat 'angry' and 'upset' with his bosses whom he felt were perhaps 'idiots' and not as 'tech-savvy' as he happened or happens to be. He has been called 'a computer genius' as well as a 'school' dropout who had to get a GED and also flunked of high school, partly because of 'mono' nuleosis.

As things develop, I shall try to give more information but he worked for the CIA in some capacity and is now on their 'hit list' no doubt, and they are most eager, in all probability, to get their hands onto to him for 'interrogation' and he may well be executed unless he cuts a deal, as many claim he is trying to do. But his position divides some people into two groups: those who call him 'a heroic whistleblower' and those who call him, 'the worst TRAITOR the US has ever had'    
( since Benedict Arnold?).