Friday, February 5, 2010


The access to secret information and documents is not easy to obtain despite the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT and even when such is allowed via this law, the really important and relevant material is BLOCKED OR BLACKENED OUT! Secrecy by nearly all government agencies is determined somewhat by the 'MOSAIC THEORY OF SECRECY' which is sort of like 'THE MOSAIC LAW OF THE BIBLE' set in stone and not to be ignored. However, taking the example of a mosaic tile, agencies, like the CIA and others, believe that a single 'tile' in the wrong hands can be used to figure out the whole! This is sort of like GURDJIEFF'S statement that 'if know the small details, you can or will know the whole'. Actually, this theory owes a good deal to OCCULTISM and ESOTERICISM and the 'arts of claivoyance' and 'psychometry' if one looks deeper. We all know that many government agencies and bureaus, especially during certain Wars, like WWI & WWII, used 'psychics'[, and astrology,etc. and 'mind-reading' techniques,etc. as well as hypnosis to find out things and to interrogate prisoners,etc. at certain times,etc. This can also be compared to finding what the ocean is like from a single drop of ocean water. That is, one can, if Sherlock Holmes is correct, ONE CAN DEDUCE THE EXISTENCE OF THE OCEAN FROM A SINGLE DROP OF WATER! Thus from a single piece of tile from the entire 'mosaic' ONE CAN DEDUCE OR CONSTRUCT THE ENTIRE PATTERN OF THE MOSAIC! Similar things have been done in science in the past and also done in paleontology with fossils,etc. THUS WE FIND THAT SECRECY IS STILL THE WAY OF ALL GOVERNMENTS AND NO TRANSPARENCY CAN EVER EXIST. Small,elite groups will continue to control and manipulate all departments and activities of government including the highest branches and ignore the constitution and laws of the land.

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